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If you have just reached the Modlin Airport and would like to travel around Warsaw and its outskirts without any difficulties, you should definitely opt for a car. However, what to do if you do not have your own vehicle, because you are in Poland on a business trip or have reached the city from yet another place and would like to stay in the capital city of Poland for several days? As we are about to prove, travelling both from and to the airport can be a piece of cake. Car rental Modlin at 62 Parking Lot is a great and sensible solution for people, who would like to travel comfortably and do not want to opt for taxis or public transportation.

Thanks to the cooperation with our car rental company located next to the Modlin Airport, you can book and rent a car without any additional formalities. Then, you can take advantage of it for one day only or for an entire month – the choice is completely up to you. Our clients are also given the opportunity of having the ordered car delivered to the spot preferred by them.


Modlin Car Rental – questions and answers.

Below, you can find a list of most frequently asked questions relating to car rental:

  1. question How can I book a given car for a specific date or hour?

– You can book the vehicle you want via e-mail or phone. However, the best option is to call beforehand and make sure that the desired automobile is available.

  1. question Can I rent a car immediately without booking it beforehand? Can I rent a car right after arriving to Poland?

– If a given car is available, you can do that.

  1. question In what way is the duration of rental specified? Is it agreed upon in advance?

– Car rental duration is specified in advance (with the possibility of prolonging the rental period).

  1. pytanie Can I prolong the car rental period? If so – how can I do that? Can I just call you or do I have to visit you personally and re-rent a given vehicle?

– Car rental period can be prolonged via phone, but it should be done within approximately 24 hours before the initial car return date.

  1. question How can I pay for the rented car – via credit card or in cash?

– You can undertake the payment in cash, via credit card, or via bank transfer.

  1. question Is there any mileage limit for the rented car after which an additional fee is calculated?

– No, there is not. We rent our cars without any mileage limits.

  1. pytanie What about gassing up the rented car?

– Each and every vehicle rented is fully gassed up and has to be returned with its gas tank full of fuel.


How can one take advantage of our offer and rent a car? It is exceptionally simple – all you have to do is to contact us via phone by calling us at: +48 513-090-290 or send an e-mail message to us at: It has to be pointed out that communication via phone will surely improve the entire booking process, as you will be immediately informed if a given vehicle is available and if it can be rented.
We are at your disposal. Please, do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly answer all your questions. Feel free to take advantage of our service.

We would like to encourage you to contact us and to book cars you desire in order for them to be available at a particular, preferred date.  

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